Welcome to the USRSB Sustainability Framework site.

First time visitor? Follow the steps below to provide feedback:

  1. Create an account
  2. Login
  3. Begin exploring the overall USRSB Framework using the dark grey text navigation on the left hand side of the website. (i.e. Framework Overview, Cow+Calf, Auction Market, etc.)
  4. Find an element of the USRSB Framework you support or would like to see changed, hover your cursor over the text, select the black comment icon that pops up on the right hand side of the screen, and type a comment. You may also use the general comment box at the bottom of each page to provide feedback for specific sections.
  5. Finalize all comments before the July 1 deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the USRSB accepting public comments?

As a Roundtable, our organization sees value in bringing many voices interested in improving the sustainability of beef to the table, and we are eager to receive feedback on our member-developed Sustainability Framework through an official public comment period.

Is there a deadline to submit comments?

Businesses and individuals interested in providing feedback to the USRSB may submit comments through this website through July 1.

Who can comment?

Any business or individual may participate in the public comment period for the USRSB Sustainability Framework.

How are comments submitted?

To provide comments through this online platform, one first needs to register. Anonymous comments are not accepted. Accounts will collect information such as an individual’s name, representative organization, sector they most identify with, and email address. This information is collected to help us better understand the feedback received and to contact individuals and businesses with responses to comments. Once an account is created individuals or companies can navigate through the online platform and submit comments by simply hovering their mouse over specific paragraphs, selecting the comment box that appears, composing a comment, and publishing the feedback.

If for any reason an individual or company is unable to submit comments through the online platform they should contact the USRSB.

What information should be included in comments?

While all types of comments are accepted, we do recommend comments clearly express a position toward a specific element of the Framework. Additionally, comments that clearly provides information that supports its claims provides better guidance for membership as they form the final USRSB Framework. General comments on the Framework can be submitted to the framework overview page.

Can comments be edited?

Yes. Comments can be edited through July 1, when the public comment period ends. Individuals and businesses must login to their account to access their previously submitted comments.

Are comments public?

No. Comments are visible only to individual accounts and the USRSB administrator.

How do I know what sector I represent?

Individuals or businesses typically fall into one of seven sectors: cow-calf, auction market, feedyard, packer and processor, retail and foodservice, allied industry, or non-governmental organization (NGO). Cow-calf, auction market, feedyard, packer and processor, and retail and foodservice sectors are all part of the beef supply chain and include individuals and businesses who produce, buy and sell beef to consumers. Allied industry is inclusive of service providers and suppliers to the beef supply chain such as academic, health, feed and equipment type industries. NGO is inclusive of voluntary groups or institutions with a social mission that operate independently from governments. Individuals or companies that do fall into these categories should select other.

How do I know if I'm logged in?

In the upper right hand corner of the website, you should see the text “Howdy, [login name]”. Don’t see the text? Login here.

I've followed the above steps for commenting, and I'm still having issues. What should I do?

If you have registered, logged into the platform, and do not see comment functionality, we recommend testing the platform in another browser. If you continue to have issues, please email usrsb@beef.org.

Is this my only opportunity to weigh in on the USRSB Framework?

No. USRSB will hold a second comment period after it reviews and adjusts the feedback received through the first comment period ending July 1. Interested individuals who desire to become even more involved in the process can apply for membership in the USRSB by emailing usrsb@beef.org.